He decided to help his friends by doing more than just feeling sorry for them.

Even though this boy is in elementary school, he already knows a lot and knows what he wants to do with his life. At age four, the boy fell in love with dogs.

Then he already got people’s attention by bringing in animals from the shelter and just puppies that didn’t need it. He felt terrible for them.

But the baby decided to do more than just feel sorry for his little friends.

So, he asked for something different for his birthday. He used the money to save hungry and dying animals who were living on the streets.

Roman set up its own Project Freedom Ride Foundation when it was still a very young boy.

The people who work for this fund try to find homes for dogs who are living on the streets or in shelters.

Most of all, the boy’s mother, McConnie Jennifer, helps him. Through their work, more than 30 dogs have found new homes in the past year.

Many homeless puppies are safe and cared for because of this kind-hearted child.

We should follow Romeo’s example and do more good things instead of waiting for someone to praise us.

Animals need us! When you see an animal in need, never close your eyes or turn your head away. If you can’t afford to keep them in good conditions, take them to shelters in your area.