When a single mom of triplets realized she hadn’t heard her babies cry when she woke up, she freaked out. She sees that they’ve already been fed and starts to wonder who did it.

Joanna was a single mother of three after her husband left them without paying child or spousal support. She had no money, so she had to live in a small, run-down house that used to belong to her grandmother.
Joanna would wake up every morning to the cries of her hungry babies. She used to be a hairdresser at a salon, but she had to stop because she had no one to watch her kids.
Now, it was hard for her to buy formula, diapers, and other things for her kids, like a good stroller so she could take all of them out at once. She only made money when gas station workers in the area came to her house to get haircuts. They sometimes brought family and friends with them, which gave Joanna some money to spend.

She was worn out. She had to find ways to feed herself and her kids, but she also had to take care of them all day. Every day, she played with them, fed them, gave them baths, and put them to bed. She could only sleep at night when she was too tired to do anything else.
Joanna woke up one morning to silence. She got scared and jumped out of bed to check on her sleeping babies, who were only a few meters away.
She was surprised to see that the babies were sleeping peacefully in the same small crib. Their empty but still warm milk bottles were close by. She woke up to find that the kids had been fed while she was sleeping. She looked to see if her front door was locked, and it was.

The next day, something strange happened again. A box of new diapers for the babies was sitting on her front door. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and thought that the person who gave them to her must have fed the babies the day before. She wondered, “Who could it be?”

Joanna suddenly thought about the kids’ father and wondered if it might be him. She didn’t give it much thought because it didn’t seem like him at all. She did decide to call him, though.
When he answered, she asked, “Was it you?”
Was it me or something else?” he asked, sounding annoyed.
She asked, “Did you come over to feed the kids and change their diapers?”

The man on the other side of the line laughed at him. “About what are you talking? Why should I try to help you? Don’t call me anymore and get rid of my number from your phone. “You might get me in trouble with my new wife if you tell her where I am,” he told her.
“I’m sorry, I was just thinking-”

“Oh, you were wrong. Don’t call me again or delete my number. I don’t know what I’d do if you caused me to become poor. “Leave me alone!” said the man, and he ended the call.
Joanna groaned. When she found out she was having triplets, her ex-husband left her to marry a rich woman. He was able to live the life he had always dreamed of because of his new. He left her to care for their three children on her own.

Joanna decided to leave a note by the crib of the babies at night, hoping that the person who took them would come back the next day. “I’d like to thank you for what you’re doing, but I don’t know who you are. She wrote, “Who are you?”

The next morning, Joanna was surprised to see a big stroller for the three babies sitting outside her front door. She couldn’t help but say, “Oh my goodness!”
On the box of the stroller was a note that said, “I want to thank YOU. You helped me once. My name is Sam.”
Joanna was crying. She carried her babies around in a makeshift baby carrier that she was afraid would break if she went out for too long. She’d always wanted to buy this stroller for her kids, but there was no way she could afford it.
She asked, “Sam?” “Who’s Sam?”

Joanna tried to remember if she knew anyone named Sam, but she had never met anyone with that name. She hid in the kids’ room that night. Around midnight, when her babies were fast asleep, she heard a noise. Someone had just opened the big kitchen window.
Soon, a stranger came in. He looked like he was homeless and was wearing an old coat. He had long, messy hair and a beard that went with it. He was holding toys, which he put on the kids’ bed.
The man was shocked when Joanna came out of the closet at that time.
“Oh, my goodness!” he said, jumping up and down when he saw Joanna. “I’m sorry to have walked in. Really, I am. Please believe me when I say I’m a good person. He said, “I’m not here to hurt anyone,” because he was afraid Joanna would think he was a thief.

Joanna gave a nod. “I know you’ve been helping me take care of my kids. What’s your name? “Why?” she asked.

“I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I remember you. One day, you brought your three babies to the park and fed them one by one. You put them down on the grass,” the man began. “You made yourself a sandwich, but then you saw me. He said, “You didn’t have much food, but you cut your sandwich in half so I could have some.”
Joanna was taken aback. She had no idea that a random act of kindness would help her so much. “You see, I hadn’t eaten in days on that day. I was almost going to pass out. I’ll always remember how you helped me. My name is Sam.”

Sam probably hadn’t eaten yet, so Joanna opened a can of beans for him to eat. While he was eating, he told me that an accident had killed his wife and two young children. He couldn’t handle the loss, so he began to turn to bad habits. He lost everything and was forced to live on the street.

Sam said, “I sometimes sing in the park so that people will give me money.” “When I saw you with your kids, I followed you and found out that you lived here. I saw that you didn’t have anyone else to help you, so I decided to sneak in and do what I could. “I bought milk, diapers, the stroller, and some toys with the money I made from singing in the park,” he said.

Joanna was crying. Even though it scared her to think that a stranger could easily get into her home, she was glad it was Sam, who was kind and only wanted to help. She told Sam, “I don’t know how I could ever pay you back.”
Sam shook his head and said that he didn’t want anything back. But Joanna would not give up. Since this was the only thing she could do for him, she offered to cut his hair.
Sam agreed, and he came back the next day. She cut his hair and shaved his beard, and they both couldn’t believe how different he looked right in front of them. Sam was a handsome man whose life was full of bad luck.

In the end, Sam and Joanna started spending more time together because Sam helped Joanna take care of the babies. They spent time together and fell in love.

Together, they started over. They fixed up the small house and used one of the rooms for Joanna’s home salon. Sam got a job singing in the afternoons at a local restaurant. This gave him enough money to save for his new family.
Sam and Joanna got married in the end, and Sam took in Joanna’s three kids. They were a happy family who worked hard to get out of being poor.
What does this story teach us?

People will remember how you made them feel for a long time. Even though Joanna couldn’t remember the kind thing she did for Sam, Sam still remembered it. Sam couldn’t forget how good Joanna made him feel, so he decided to do the same for someone else.
What you do comes back to you. Even though Joanna didn’t have much, she made it her mission to help Sam. Sam helped Joanna even though he didn’t have much in his own life. The good things you do for other people always come back to you in some way.

Tell this story to the people you care about. It could make their day and give them hope.