The pandemic has indeed made it difficult to celebrate weddings in the same way we used to. The joy of witnessing two people in love, surrounded by friends and family, is something we all miss dearly. From the music and laughter to the heartfelt speeches and dancing, weddings were moments of pure happiness and celebration.

As we navigate these challenging times, it’s important to hold onto the memories of past weddings and cherish them even more. Watching photos and videos from those special days can bring a sense of nostalgia and remind us of the love and togetherness we experienced before the pandemic.

While we may not be able to gather in large groups for weddings right now, we can still celebrate love in other ways, whether it’s through virtual ceremonies, intimate gatherings, or simply reminiscing about the joyous occasions we’ve experienced in the past.

As we look forward to brighter days ahead, let’s hold onto hope and continue to celebrate love in all its forms, knowing that one day we’ll be able to come together again to celebrate weddings with the same joy and enthusiasm as before.

The uniqueness of this wedding video lies in the heartwarming moment when the groom, Gabe Helguera, takes to the dance floor with his mother, Susan. While it’s customary to see the bride dancing with her father at weddings, this video offers a refreshing twist by showcasing the groom and his mother sharing a special dance together.

Susan impressively keeps up with her son, Gabe, displaying their incredible dance skills to the iconic Michael Jackson song, “Billie Jean.” However, what makes their performance truly special is the unexpected medley that unfolds as the song progresses—a creative idea suggested by Susan herself.

Witnessing this touching moment between a mother and her son adds a beautiful layer of depth and emotion to the wedding celebration. It’s a reminder of the unique bonds that exist between family members and the joy that comes from sharing such precious moments together.