Natalia Yisa is happily married, a mother, and also runs a blog. The story of her life, as an ordinary Russian woman, is likely to astonish you.

During her time as a student, she crossed paths with a Nigerian man at their university. Initially, their interaction was limited to friendly greetings. However, destiny intervened, reuniting them four years later.

The girl initially fell for a reserved and well-mannered guy, but as time passed, their relationship took a turn for the worse. Just a week later, Jacob proposed to Natalia.

When Natalia decided to introduce Jacob to her parents, they reacted negatively and insisted on the couple separating.

However, Jacob shared the news of his relationship with his mother, who traveled to Russia to meet her future son-in-law. To their surprise, she quickly picked up Natalia’s language and concluded that the young couple truly loved each other. She gave them her blessing.

As Natalia’s parents observed the depth of their daughter’s love for Jacob and got to know him better, they came to appreciate his upbringing, courage, intelligence, and charisma. They even decided to introduce Jacob to the grandparents.

To their surprise, the older generation warmly welcomed their son-in-law. They quickly picked up his language, and Jacob’s respectful and intelligent demeanor impressed them. Grandfather enjoyed engaging in conversations with him, while Grandmother admired his upbringing and intelligence.

The wedding was meticulously planned to ensure that Natalia’s parents fully understood and embraced their daughter’s marriage. They traveled around Russia, following all customs and traditions.

During the celebration, Natalia and Jacob displayed maturity and grace. They exchanged unique rings: Natalia’s in the shape of Africa and Jacob’s in the shape of Russia, each wearing the other’s ring on their right hand.

Several months later, they honored European customs at their wedding in Nigeria. The event was adorned with lavish decorations, and numerous groomsmen and bridesmaids added to the stylish atmosphere.

The couple wears their wedding rings on opposite hands, respecting the traditions of both their nations. Natasha wears hers on her right hand, following her country’s tradition, while Jacob wears his on his left hand, in accordance with his nation’s custom.

Due to Jacob’s status as an heir to the throne and his prominent family background in Russia, establishing a successful career there would have been challenging. Thus, Natalya made the courageous decision to leave her homeland and accompany her husband.

Jacob’s family warmly welcomed Natalya and supported her as she adjusted to their culture and customs in their new home.

The family welcomed a new addition when their son Max was born. In accordance with Nigerian naming customs, Max was given a double name, as middle names are not common in the country.

In Nigeria, children are encouraged to start helping with household chores and exploring the garden from as young as 2 years old. This early independence is fostered by parents to encourage self-sufficiency.

Natasha discovered after their wedding that her husband was actually the heir to a dynasty. Despite this revelation, Jacob was admired for his virtues, and it became clear that he came from a distinguished lineage. All the men in his family held positions as tribal elders on his father’s side and as kings on his mother’s side.

After some time, Zara, Max’s sister, was born.

Natalia now manages a personal blog on Instagram, where she shares updates on her life, discusses her decision to move, her adaptation to foreign customs, the nuances of Nigerian culture, as well as her experiences and challenges.

The delightful family often captures the attention of many. With their harmonious bond, they navigate through life’s adventures together. Indeed, babies bring immense joy to any family!