Nowadays, it is not unusual for women to become parents after turning 40. Some believe that now is the ideal moment because she has been able to establish a lucrative job and provide for her children’s future. And someone has spent all these years trying in vain to get pregnant, and only now has good fortune smiled upon them.

German Annegret Raunig, the protagonist of our tale today, gave birth to her first kid at age 65 despite having already reared 13 of her own children and successfully nursed 7 grandchildren. What made a woman decide to become pregnant at that age, you inquire? The truth is that Annegret adores kids and decided she was prepared for a second child. Additionally, her 10-year-old youngest daughter has long desired a younger sibling.

Of course, the woman was informed by the doctors of all the hazards, but she still chose to do IVF. Already, fate had decided that the family would have four infants at once. Annegret was a teacher who raised all of her kids by herself.

This big family’s life is currently quite exciting. When the youngest was born, they all relocated from Berlin to Herster’s expansive home. Along with him, the authorities presented Annegret with two honors, and the woman allegedly struck a deal with a TV network, giving them the right to cover the Raunig family’s life…