“Put that on YouTube,” Grandpa suggests. He was so right. Babies begin to pronounce two-syllable words around the age of six months. That milestone is reached by this tiny guy’s first word.

Because time flies, each milestone is a moment to cherish. The first word a newborn says is a truly memorable developmental milestone. A baby will go from cooing and chattering sounds to vowel-like noises until the age of 3 months.

By six months, a baby is likely to be experimenting with vowel-consonant pairings and double-syllable sounds. Given a baby’s commitment to his or her parents, it’s not unlikely that their first words are frequently “mama” or “dada.” This can even lead to some friendly competition among parents, with each striving to be first!

In the video below, you’ll witness two adoring grandparents eager to hear their tiny grandson’s first word. They try their hardest to persuade him to speak up. “Say, Mama,” Grandma suggests. “Would you like to?” Nothing except a blank stare and stillness. Grandpa speculates that the tiny kid would wish to utter “milk” as the first word. That seems to make sense, yet the baby doesn’t say anything.

“I know what his first word will be: ‘Taco,’ says Grandpa.” Taco… Taco…” It works perfectly! The tiny fellow says, “Taco,” after giving it some thought.

You may think this baby has a precocious appetite for Mexican food, but the household cat is named Taco. It’s possible that they’re already best buddies. I’m sure the parents thought the first word was amusing.

Here is the video: