It looks like a lot of well-known stores are taking a stand this year. Some stores have decided to be closed for the whole day on Thanksgiving. Many more stores are getting the idea that they should put up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, so that the holiday season can start right away.

People used to avoid saying “Merry Christmas” in professional settings, especially in storefronts. This was mostly because of politics, the fact that general stores tried to avoid it, and differences between what the public and the press said. Companies often tiptoe around slang and sensitive phrases to keep the public happy and their sales rates high.

There must be something in the air this year, because more than one store is trying to change the rules.
Retailers all over the world are getting ready to spread holiday cheer and meet the needs of the public.

“Merry Christmas” is a phrase that Christians love to hear and see. Well, it will be a Merry Christmas because big stores like Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom, and Home Depot are taking a chance with their holiday sales and happy greetings. Some stores are said to have played beautiful Christian music while following the Bible and closing on Sundays for rest days. Belk is another store that is getting into the Christmas spirit. They have been proudly saying “Merry Christmas” to their customers as well.

Ten big stores were happy to take a stand and say “Merry Christmas” to their customers. Walmart is another store that loves Christmas, and the American Family Association has given it a five-star rating. Bass Pro Shops is a gun store that promotes Christmas and celebrates the holiday. The American Family Association has also helped spread the word about them.

JCPenny is also getting into the holiday spirit, just like Macy’s. Every year, Macy’s has a great holiday parade.
Some of JCPenny’s ads are hosted by the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres, and both of these stores are happy to spread the words “Merry Christmas.” ToysRUs is famous for its greetings, so if you live near a store that is still open, you should go there and spread holiday cheer.

It’s great to see a change happening right in front of everyone’s eyes. People are responding in a very positive way to this change.

Holiday cheer is a great way to make people feel better and bring them together. A happy “Merry Christmas” here and there makes a big difference. You never know how many people you can make happy in a single day. These companies are definitely showing how to do things the right way.