When a picture of a message written on the back of an SUV was posted online, it quickly went viral. The message was seen on the back of the SUV, and after a Reddit user posted a picture of it, many people praised the driver.

The user wrote next to the picture of the car, “Saw this patriot while driving.” “This is America…” said the message. We don’t give money to other people, we earn it!”

Many of the people who read the driver’s message about sharing wealth agreed with it.
“Good for the guy who has the guts to put this on the back window of his car!!!! “More people should do/say the same thing, and maybe it would get through to ALL—or at least some of the many freeloaders who think the world owes them a living!!!” one reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“We are redistributing wealth by giving too much money to too many young people who can work but don’t want to. In turn, they have too much free time, and some of them get in trouble. We need cuts, which would help with our drug problems for sure. They should be worried about keeping a job so they can feed their families, not about their next drug deal!” wrote someone else.
“Facts for real Americans. This should be on the car of every patriotic American,” said a second person.

Some people thought that the message should be easy for most people to grasp.

“I don’t know why liberals have such a hard time getting it. This country was supposed to be special because the government stays out of our way so we can get things done. Every entitlement program is just a way to move money around. One Reddit user said, “Stephan Molyneux is right on the money when he says that government entitlement programs are a huge violation of our property rights.”

Others, on the other hand, thought that the message was just too clear.

“So, let me get this straight: we want to fight the 1% Globalists, but we don’t mind if they take all of our resources? Bad reasoning, guys… There is nothing wrong with giving an argument more than just “hurr durr, f**k these scumbags who want handouts,” especially if you don’t fully understand the situation. Everyone should try to make enough money to support themselves. I don’t want handouts, but seeing things as black and white doesn’t help either side,” one user wrote.