Jennifer lets her son feel things when she sings to him. You can’t miss this special moment between a mother and her son.

Jennifer Stavropoulos is teaching her son how music makes people feel. As George coos and plays in her arms, she uses a variety of songs to connect with his feelings. Each of them affects him in its own way.

First of all, the kid just knows how to bang his head. George likes heavy metal, and his mom singing it seems to make him happy the most. George’s future playlist might include a little bit of Black Sabbath.

Jennifer includes baby songs like “Rock-a-Bye Baby” to show how much she can do. When she sings her version of “Everybody Clap” from The Seasons, George laughs and plays with her a lot. It’s a simple song, but it’s catchy.

But when the mother sings “Ava Maria,” everyone laughs the most. As if flipping a switch, the fact that the song is sad is acknowledged. When the whole mood changes, it is beautiful to see it happen in real time.

Imagine that a sad song that makes you feel a lot of emotion comes on the radio. No matter what “Ava Maria” means to George, it makes him feel something deep inside. Cheers to the bond between mother and son, and may they always be able to enjoy new music together.