His total wealth is thought to be around $250 million.

He is careful. He is 67 years old. A website called Radar Online found that Bruce Willis wrote a will a long time ago.

But he still had to fix the document in 2009, after his wedding to model Emma Heming and just a few days before the actor found out about the cancer.

But the many people in his family don’t need to worry: his total wealth is thought to be around $250 million.

But his older daughters, Rumer, who is 34 years old, Scout, who is 31, and Talula, who is 28 years old, only got a few thousand dollars each.

The person who told the publication about this decision said that Bruce thinks he has always taken care of girls financially. And they don’t need money because they are already very successful in show business.

Also, Demi Moore, who used to be married to Bruce Willis, won’t leave her daughters without money. She has $200 million in her bank account.

Most of the information is about Bruce’s current wife, Emma Heming, and their two daughters, Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8.

And there are no requirements to question a decision like this made by the head of the family. The actor’s wives and children spend a lot of time together and post photos of themselves from time to time.