At 43 years old and residing in Utah, Patricia Williams was a mother to four children, among them two who were born with albinism. As a fashion designer, she felt devastated when beautiful images of her albino baby boy, Rockwell, shared on social media, were turned into hurtful memes by online trolls, spreading rapidly.

Patricia’s concerns about her second baby, Redd, arose when she noticed his eyes constantly wandering at just two months old in August 2012. Upon Dale Williams, her husband and aged 45, researching the cause online, they discovered that Redd had albinism. Patricia admitted that before this, she had never encountered the term “albinism” and had to search for its meaning herself, realizing it was a common condition in infants.

She recalled Dale pointing out Redd’s typical albinism traits – pale skin, white hair, and wandering eyes. Patricia immediately questioned whether individuals with albinism truly had red eyes. Seeking clarity, they sought advice from ophthalmologists and genetic specialists who confirmed Oculocutaneous Albinism Type One (OCA1) as Redd’s diagnosis, a condition affecting one in every 17,000 people worldwide.

Redd was born with blue eyes and white hair, with nurses referring to him as the “baby with the white hair,” although it took his parents some time to notice any differences. Given that both Patricia, Dale and their oldest son, Gage, had blonde hair, having a child with a similar shade didn’t initially concern them.

Patricia vividly remembered Redd’s hair gleaming white in the sunlight, his eyes consistently tracking movements even when covered, and their blue hue sometimes appearing red under certain lights. Despite these signs, Patricia initially dismissed any notion that Redd was different, believing he would outgrow these traits. However, when Rockwell was born with the same characteristics, instead of acceptance, both brothers faced social exclusion.

Rockwell, born in February 2018, faced similar challenges as his older brother. His baby photos circulated on social media, where some ridiculed his hair color, with one particularly cruel comment joking about his parentage. Unfortunately, Redd had previously experienced bullying at the playground, enduring stares and taunts from other children due to his skin color and appearance, prompting Gage to become protective of him.

Given their previous experience with Redd, Rockwell’s parents were more prepared when he arrived. However, they were deeply upset when their younger son’s photos became viral memes. Despite their efforts to plead with people to remove the posts, they realized it was futile. Eventually, Dale and his wife, who also had a son named Wolfgang, decided it was best to ignore the hurtful jokes.

Instead of allowing the hurtful comments to bring them down, they decided to channel their energy into activism, advocating for greater awareness of albinism to prevent bullying and teasing of children with the condition. When Redd’s albinism was confirmed, Patricia was overwhelmed with emotion, worrying about how he would be treated, his future, and how their family dynamics might change with a son who was prone to sunburns and could potentially be legally blind.

The attention Rockwell received due to his unique appearance, with his striking white hair that stood straight up, was unexpected for Patricia. As the criticism grew, she realized the need to educate people about albinism, especially considering the misconceptions perpetuated by movies and media. Patricia saw an opportunity to raise awareness through social media by sharing their family’s experiences and photos.

Redd underwent successful laser eye surgery to address his strabismus and transitioned from a private to a public school for the visually impaired. Patricia encourages other parents to consider similar treatment for their children, emphasizing the positive impact it had on Redd’s life.

Reflecting on the challenges her sons faced due to their condition, Patricia expressed her frustration at the realization that they would have to live in fear. However, she remains grateful for the treatment Redd received, which spared him from having to wear an eye patch for an extended period and allowed him to live a more normal life, with many of his friends unaware of his differences as he grew older.

They made sure Rockwell had the necessary protective gear like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for outdoor activities, but otherwise, he was just like any other child. As Rockwell grew older, he became more confident in his appearance, much like his older brother. Patricia shared a heartwarming Instagram video on April 28, 2023, showing Rockwell dressed up as a cowboy for his school’s “Western Day.” Social media users greeted him with warmth and positivity, with comments like “Adorable” and “Perfect!!”

In August 2022, Patricia posted three Instagram images showcasing Redd’s joyful demeanor as he celebrated his tenth birthday. Additionally, Patricia shared a video of Rockwell walking with her at school in February 2023, where he appeared vibrant and animated, sporting a greenish-yellow tint. Patricia revealed that Rockwell had painted himself to resemble a zombie, showcasing his playful and imaginative personality.