Anyone who resides in a big city is aware of how frequently one might encounter street performers displaying their talents on the sidewalk. It’s really uncommon to see one of them who is this talented, though!

British busker Jonny Walker made the decision to include a special guest in his act one chilly winter night while he was out performing. Jonny decided to try him out after a homeless man requested if he may join him. Wow, he sure is happy he did!

Bernard Davey, the homeless man in the film, is a well-known person in the area with a fascinating backstory. Bernard, a father of two, was formerly a prominent figure in the Irish folk scene and a cast member of the hit television program “Harry’s Game.”

Bernard’s vocal prowess is immediately apparent as soon as he begins to sing.

Jonny stated in the video description, “As a busker, I spend lots of time on the streets and had seen this guy many times over the years, but didn’t realize he was singing. As the years had gone by, his health and well-being appeared to have significantly deteriorated. We jammed out a version of “Summertime,” and I was so taken aback by his voice that I requested a bystander to record the performance on my camera phone. I then uploaded the video to my Facebook page, where it soon went viral thanks to the hundreds of shares it received.

He went on to say, “My impromptu street jam with Bernard Davey was a soul-affirming, enlightening event which summed up everything I love about street culture. “The stories and wonderful surprises on the streets are endless. I hope Bernard’s incredible improvised rendition of “Summertime” will remind people to always look past the outward looks and discover the person beneath rather than making snap judgments about people they encounter on the street.

Watch the performance here: