Her parents, Flávio Dantas and Tarsila Batista, were ecstatic when Antonella was born in August 2019.

But Flávio and Tarsila never failed to express their love for Antonella, even while she was still in the womb.

Every day, Flávio spoke to his unborn child, telling her cute but unremarkable things.

Tarsila reportedly told the Brazilian publication SoNoticiaBoa that “He always told her that he loved her so much.” “Good morning,” I heard when I arrived at work. He continued to stroke my belly while saying, “I’ll always be there.”

And each time her spouse did it, unbelievable things would occur.

Tarsila continued, “Amazingly it always seemed, at the same time each day, she started to move.”

It turns out that Flávio’s practice of conversing with Antonella while she was inside him paid off. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Marcilio Dias Naval Hospital, where Antonella was born, she already demonstrated the close relationship she has with her father.

Flávio leaned in close to his newborn daughter as the medical personnel handed her to her parents for their first cuddle. The same things he had been saying her every day were said again, but this time Antonella answered.

The infant had the most adorable smile on her face when she first heard her father’s voice!

She was so overjoyed to hear her father’s familiar voice now that she was outside that she couldn’t help but smile.

Tarsila remembered the charming moment: “They lay her on top of me, sleeping, and as soon as he talked to her, Antonella opened her eyes and smiled.”

The overjoyed new father, Flávio, said that his love for Antonella was “too big to go inside his chest.”

Tarsila wholeheartedly concurs. The entrance of Antonella is seen by her as “a blessing provided by my Lord.”

And judging by the way things are going, Antonella feels the same way about her parents. Fortunately for us, a nurse snapped the picture of the trio grinning at one another.

The image was subsequently uploaded by the pair to their Instagram page with the remark, “When I first saw my family,” which is translated to English as “When I first saw my family.”

In the caption of the gorgeous photo she posted of her family on Facebook, Tarsila wrote: “And it’s that moment that we forget all the suffering and focus on the most true grin of all. born to be my princess.

Babies can begin processing sound 16 weeks after conception, according to the Mayo Clinic. Antonella moved whenever she heard her father’s voice, which is consistent with the fact that a baby in the womb will noticeably respond to external noises at twenty-six weeks. Additionally, the sound of a parent’s voice helps calm a baby.

Flávio cherishes the unique connection he has with his child.

I thought I knew what true love felt like, he admitted. “That is, until I caught sight of the world’s most genuine smile. I was able to understand what love is there.

As much as she loves her partner, Tarsila also loves Antonella. She uploaded a picture of her and her child and captioned it, “If riches were measured in words I would sum it up in one: you. God’s hands have cut my precious gem.

The birthdate of Antonella, August 11, 2019, which also happens to be Father’s Day in Brazil, makes this story even more amazing.

Even as a toddler, Antonella still has a stunning appearance. Her Instagram photos make it appear as though she has developed into a true daddy’s girl.

It’s really sweet to observe the relationship this father has with his kid. Remember to express your affection for your dads on Father’s Day.

All the strong dads out there have a happy Father’s Day!