Whoopi Goldberg’s 67th birthday was just recently. Right now, her life is going very well. People say that the great-grandmother of one person gave up her rustic farmhouse because she moved into a bigger mansion and fell in love with a 90-year-old billionaire.

Whoopi Goldberg has been in movies for 67 years, and a lot has changed in her life. But one thing about this amazing actress that will never change is her uncanny ability to set things right when she thinks a mistake has been made.

Last month, a review of the biopic she was in, “Till,” said that she wore a fat suit to make herself look better for the role. Soon after, Goldberg replied on an episode of “The View” by saying that the statement was wrong.

During her appearance, she brought up a line from the review and explained that the misunderstanding was wrong. She said that it didn’t matter to her how the writer felt about the movie, and she then made it clear that she wasn’t wearing a fat suit.

Goldberg said it was okay if the writer didn’t like the movie, but they shouldn’t talk about how people look. She gave advice:

“Just say what you think about the acting, and if you want to know something, ask someone.”

Goldberg said she hoped the writer didn’t know and told them not to make general statements because that makes them look like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Her co-hosts, like Sunny Hostin, agreed with what she said. Hostin talked about Goldberg’s health problems over the past few years. Hostin remembered that Goldberg had been very sick in the hospital and told the writer to “do your research.” She added:

“Research is important, and so are receipts. I’m just surprised that she would write this review knowing that you’ve had health problems that, thank God, you’ve mostly gotten over in the last three years.”

The Daily Beast, the magazine that shared the review, has since removed the quote and added a note at the end saying that Goldberg has said she wasn’t wearing a fat suit.

Goldberg decided a long time ago that she could no longer be with a man and would instead focus on her family.
It’s not the first time the actress has told the truth about what she thinks. She got involved in a controversial issue earlier this year, which caused a temporary change. She was kicked off “The View” for two weeks because of something she said about the Holocaust that people didn’t like.

She said she was sorry for what she said, but she was still fired, which shocked and upset her co-hosts. After two weeks, she came back to the show and said that there would be more hard conversations, in part because that’s what the hosts were paid to do. Goldberg said:

“And partly because we were hired to do this. Not everything is pretty. And it’s not always what other people want to hear, but it’s an honor to be able to sit at this table and have these important conversations.”

As has already been said, a lot has changed for Goldberg. One of these things is the homes she picks. It was said in 2011 that the talented actress had put her Vermont country home on the market for $2.3 million.

The historic building was made in 1790 and covers 745 acres. It is 6,100 square feet in size. The whole estate is set up so that lakes and skiing are only a few minutes away.

Before it was put on the market, the house was fixed up and made ready to host and entertain guests. The building has old hardwood floors, four fireplaces, and three bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

During the renovation, a double garage, split-pane thermopane windows made of wood, and an automatic generator were added. Apart from the living area and generator, a two-bedroom bunkhouse was also built.

The gardens and pasture can be seen through the French doors, and there is a barn with a walk-in shed and two animal pens. Overall, it is a safe place that anyone would want to keep.

Still, Goldberg may have found it easy to give up such a beautiful place because she found another mansion that gave her the privacy she had grown to value.

She found a mansion in the Georgian Colonial style. In 2009, she paid $2.8 million for it. The mansion, which is now thought to be worth at least $3 million, is 12,713 square feet big and is in a 425-acre gated community.

Eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an island, and windows to let in natural light are all features of the opulent estate. It also includes granite countertops.

Great-Grandmother Goldberg, who is 58 years old, has had a full life so far, and not just because she has moved around a lot. There have been big changes in her private life as well.

At age 34, her daughter Alex gave birth to Amarah Skye, her first granddaughter. In 1995, she had another granddaughter named Jerzey, and in 1999, she had a grandson named Mason.

Goldberg had her first great-grandchild when she was 58, and she posted about it on her Instagram page. She put up video of herself using a bottle to feed the baby, Charli Rose. The activity made her feel old, and she said that it had been almost 40 years since she had fed a baby.

Goldberg has worked hard to be a good great-grandmother to Charli since she was born. Alex Martin was her only child, and she had him when she was 17. She said she wasn’t the best mom, but that being Charli’s great-grandmother made up for it.

Date a man who is 90 years old
Goldberg decided a long time ago that she could no longer be with a man and would instead focus on her family. Also, this seemed to have changed. Amara, her granddaughter, let the cat out of the bag when she said on an episode of “Claim to Fame”:

“She used to hang out with her boyfriend, who was about 90 years old.”

Amara said his name was John and he was worth a billion dollars. Amara, who likes to talk, said that Goldberg used to sneak off for random dates.

Goldberg hasn’t said a word about this mysterious man, but if she does, her fans will go crazy. The actress has been married three times, but she never felt anything for any of her husbands. Maybe this billionaire who is 100 years old has figured out what those men couldn’t. Or not.