Grandpa Steve lived in a small town that was far away. He had two sons who went to school and lived in the city. They didn’t move back to the village. Their father got them each an apartment.

The sons got married and stayed in the city. They didn’t think about their father or go back to the village. Parents didn’t want to leave their house in the village, but when Steve’s wife died, he was already planning to move in with his sons.

At first, he stays with his oldest son, who was happy to have him, but told him there was no room for him to live there permanently. The next day, he went to see his younger son, whose two kids were sleeping in different rooms, but who also told him that his father had nowhere to stay. Grandpa Steve didn’t think his sons would act like that, so he decided to punish them.

He went back to the village and took in his neighbors’ 16-year-old child. The boy’s parents had just died, leaving him on his own. He took care of and helped Grandpa Steve like he was his own father. Grandfather Steve left the boy all the property he had gathered over the years, as well as two apartments in the city that he had bought for his sons. He didn’t leave anything for his sons.