When two people in Ohio turn 100 next month, they will be celebrating two important anniversaries.

Sources say that both Hubert and June Malicote were born in July 1922, grew up in rural Kentucky, and met when they moved to Ohio to look for work.

The two people said that they met at church. At first, they were friends, but then it turned into something more.

Hubert and June got married on June 8, 1943, but Hubert was soon called up to fight in World War II. He served in the Navy for two years in Hawaii, but when he got home, June was waiting for him at the train station.

They made their home in Hamilton, Ohio, and had children there. They have three children, seven grandkids, and eleven great-grandkids.

Hubert and June will both be 100 years old soon. On July 13, June’s birthday, and on July 23, Hubert will be 100 years old.

Reports say that in honor of the event, a church service will be held on their lawn.

Hubert said that he and his wife of many years have never had a fight or a disagreement.

He went on to say that they didn’t always get along, but they would never do anything to hurt each other. If there’s a fight, one person might need to leave for a while.

Every night, they eat dinner and watch a movie together. In the same way, they always kiss each other goodnight before going to sleep.

Their 70-year-old daughter stated that she places Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad is seated, and they clasp hands and say goodnight to one another. They are so happy to see each other in the morning. They smile big at each other when they meet.

Love will always be one of the most powerful things in the world. Romantic stories like the one about Hubert and June are sure to make your day better.