After being lost for almost a year, a 15-year-old dog found his family again.

The most likely way to find lost dogs and cats is by putting a microchip in them. There are many stories that show how important it is to pass this test.

A family recently got their 15-year-old dog back after it had been missing for almost a year. Lisa Raulerson decided to leave the door open for a while on a rainy October day in West Palm Beach.

After a while, though, she noticed that her dog’s sparks had gone away.

She was just as sad as his wife. Sparks was a puppy when they got him. So the dog lived with his only two humans for 15 long years.

Lisa did not lose hope and for 2 weeks he was looking for sparks intensely. She tried hard, but nothing she did helped her find her beloved dog.

After a few months, Lisa saw her dog by accident in a Facebook post about lost dogs. It had been almost a year. She knew right away that they were Sparks and called the shelter.

Lisa and her husband became so happy and full of life that they could not believe their eyes. It’s about how to be with someone and then lose interest in them. Sparks was and is a full Raulerson family member.

Later, the old dog was given back to his family. As the people who helped him said, sparks were flying around the streets when they found him.