Antonio Cadenas, a Spanish musician who celebrated his 101st birthday in May 2021, hails from Terque, Spain, where he was born in 1919. His life story and musical journey exemplify the notion that “age is just a number.”

He’s not just someone who’s felt the weight of the years; he also has Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite living with Alzheimer’s disease, Antonio Cadenas, a Spanish musician, continues to practice the piano and retains his musical memory and skills. This remarkable ability is highlighted in his performance of Juan D’Arienzo’s “Lágrimas y sonrisas,” where he effortlessly plays the piano, showcasing his talent and determination.

Now living with his son and family, they provide care and support for him. In a touching moment, Cadenas sits in front of his piano, prompted by his son to play, and delivers a flawless performance, earning a nod of approval from his son at the end.

Antonio Cadenas’s musical journey began in childhood when his mother and local priests from a neighboring cathedral introduced him to the piano. Despite taking a break to serve in the military from 1942 to 1946, his passion for music never waned. After his military service, Cadenas returned to his love of music and dedicated himself to teaching until his retirement in the 1980s.

His enduring commitment to music despite life’s challenges serves as a testament to the resilience of artists. Cadenas’s musical prowess not only enriches his own life but also brings joy and inspiration to all who have the pleasure of listening to his beautiful compositions.