Chances are, you’ve encountered many individuals who claim they aren’t fans of classical music. Some may even plead with you to avoid playing it in their presence. Nonetheless, there’s no denying the remarkable and unique voices found among classical music singers.

Regardless of one’s affinity for operas and symphonies, the vocalists in this genre are undeniably extraordinary. Italian artist Andrea Bocelli, in particular, has garnered immense admiration for his vocal talent.

With over 90 million records sold worldwide and his latest album topping the Billboard 100 charts, Andrea Bocelli’s voice has captivated countless listeners. Even Celine Dion herself has likened his voice to that of a deity.

Thanks to his remarkable vocal talent, Bocelli has collaborated with numerous renowned artists, including Ed Sheeran and Josh Groban. However, it was his duet with his wife, Veronica Berti-Bocelli, that produced one of the most extraordinary musical partnerships ever witnessed.

Many years ago, Andrea and Veronica’s love story began. Despite Veronica being only 18 years old at the time, Andrea was captivated by both her voice and her beauty. Their connection was immediate, and they moved in together the day after they met, swept away by love at first sight.

Despite their significant age gap—Andrea being almost twice Veronica’s age at 60 while she is 35—they are unfazed by it, seeing it as a strength rather than a hurdle in their relationship. Andrea recalls his upbringing in a household that embraced and respected age differences in relationships, which has influenced their perspective.

Their friendship blossomed over their shared passion for classical music, and they often enjoy singing duets together. Their mutual love for music forms the foundation of their strong bond.

Not only do Andrea and his wife share a love for music, but Andrea’s son, Matteo, is also an opera singer.

At just 23 years old, Matteo is already carving out his path in the music industry, collaborating with his father and making strides in his career.

In Andrea’s latest album, “Si,” Matteo is featured in the song “Fall on Me.” Andrea expresses his admiration for Matteo’s musical talent and is confident in his son’s success.

You can witness their remarkable performance here: