Throughout the whole process, I was in tears of joy; she’s a doll.

On Britain’s Got Talent, we don’t always witness something like this. Judge Alesha Dixon went to a certain dance studio in search of a little girl named Skylar Blu.

“Top floor, studio one,” the attractive receptionist says. The camera follows Dixon as she ascends the stairs, then pans into a room filled with young dancers who are aiming to be professional dancers.

Squeals erupt from the girls as she answers the door and greets them, with the exception of one, whose jaw nearly hits the dance floor.

“I’m ecstatic for you, Skylar.” “Way to go, darling.” Dixon went on.

Many viewers believe it was all manufactured, but it doesn’t matter for the sake of amusement and showing the world how amazing Skylar is.

Watch the video attached below!