The judges of American Idol were brought to tears when a vocalist who had once been disabled performed during his audition. You need to hear his tale.

However, all he felt upon awakening in the hospital was the absence of his legs. For months, he cried every day. But when he saw that his foot moved slightly as he was lying in bed one day, his dream of being able to walk once more was revived.

Since the accident day, he has made significant progress. And he continues to get better every day. And now, with a little assistance from his canes, he can actually walk. He eventually met the driver who struck him thanks to his quest. Both he and she were able to convey their forgiveness to one another.

Additionally, he reconnected with Christie, a friend who is now his fiancée. She supported him in so many ways, including by encouraging him to pick up music again, which prompted him to submit an application for American Idol. He sang “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder for his audition, and Christie was right there at his side.

All of the judges were moved by David’s audition because of his gorgeous voice. One of the judges for this season, Katy Perry, was struck not just by his voice but also by the way his fiancee stood in the corner crying as his dulcet tones filled the room.

He did a truly great job. The judges were so stunned by his audition that they forgot to inform him that he had been chosen to go to Hollywood!

Watch the video below!