A 27-year-old man noticed that his job was causing his pregnant fiancée a lot of distrust and fear, so he decided to surprise her with a romantic gesture. However, his attempt didn’t go as planned.

The couple, aged 27 and 26 respectively, had been dating for eight years, navigating through their relationship’s ups and downs. One significant challenge they faced was the man’s demanding job, which required frequent travel.

The constant separation due to work led to growing suspicion and mistrust, especially on the part of the girlfriend, who harbored doubts about her boyfriend’s actions. Despite his efforts to reassure her, the boyfriend found himself constantly questioned and accused of infidelity whenever he was away on business trips.

To rebuild trust and demonstrate his commitment, the boyfriend decided to surprise his girlfriend with a romantic gesture. However, his well-intentioned plan took an unexpected turn when he encountered a frightening image that he initially mistook for his fiancée.

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When his girlfriend raised these accusations, he reassured her of his innocence and even promised to abstain from drinking to avoid any potential temptations. The boyfriend attributed his girlfriend’s heightened paranoia to her pregnancy, understanding that hormonal changes could contribute to her anxiety.

There were instances where she would anxiously call him for not responding to a text message promptly enough, further fueling her suspicions. Despite his efforts to reassure her and address her concerns, the boyfriend felt increasingly distressed about the state of their relationship and its future. In an attempt to mend their relationship, the 27-year-old planned a romantic gesture.

He decided to surprise his girlfriend by coming home early from work with flowers, movie tickets, and an engagement ring, intending to propose to her. However, upon arriving at the house, he noticed an unfamiliar car parked outside. Initially dismissing it, thinking it belonged to one of her friends who had recently obtained a driver’s license, he was further perplexed by the loud music playing inside, which seemed out of character for his girlfriend.

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He eventually made his way to the bedroom and was shocked by what he found. “As I entered the bedroom upstairs, I witnessed something I never imagined in a million years,” he recounted. There, he discovered his girlfriend in bed with another man. He only mentioned that the man left the house within 15-20 minutes, without elaborating on the details of what transpired between them. After the man departed, he and his girlfriend engaged in a heated argument, resulting in him packing her belongings, throwing her out into the rain, and declaring that she was not welcome back.

Although he acknowledged that ejecting his pregnant fiancée in such circumstances was inappropriate, he attributed his actions to his overwhelming emotions. Nevertheless, seeking guidance, he turned to Reddit users to determine if he had mishandled the situation.

In an update following the incident, the boyfriend revealed that he had taken time off work but had spent an entire week drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

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Without delving into the details of whether his actions were justified or not, most Reddit users offered advice to the distressed boyfriend. One suggestion was to cease drinking, while another commonly recommended piece of advice was to request a paternity test.

Many users also advised him to seek counseling and to inform his family about the incident. On the other hand, some believed that his girlfriend’s suspicions might be rooted in her guilt over infidelity. Therefore, it was also suggested that he undergo an STD test.

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It seems the boyfriend took the advice to heart, as he shared that he had attended counseling and taken a break from drinking. He expressed gratitude to everyone who offered him positive messages and guidance in the comments. Another story emerged, this time about a pregnant woman who discovered her spouse had cheated on her with her best friend.